Just the two of us

DH is out tonight and DD9 is at a sleepover.  Which means that DS11 and I have the house to ourselves.  And what does that mean?  Sushi for dinner! (We’re the only two in the family that like it, so it’s a very rare treat.)

I’d planned to post a photo of our delicious takeaway but – alas – got so carried away that we polished off the whole lot before I realised…oops!  (And very yummy it was too.  Burp.)

Time to light some candles, get the fire going on this damp and dreary Copenhagen summer night and pop a DVD in the player.  Hot Fuzz, Dr Who and several Harry Potters…  Hmm, what shall we start with?  Decisions, decisions! 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! 🙂