I’m all grown up

Occasionally I get an a-ha moment and realise that I’m all grown up.  Like when the doorbell rings (for the second time this month) and one of DS11’s schoolmates or a friend’s daughter is standing there, asking to borrow baking powder.  And I have it.  In fact, I have three pots of it!  (Hoarder, much?)  Or arriving at a party on time – nails painted, gift wrapped and card ready.  Gone are the days of writing the card – in that tell-tale squiggly writing – in the car on the way.  Or when I look around the garden and think, ‘This is all mine!’ (Though, on the other hand, the responsibility of looking after it is all mine too – see yesterday’s post on the subject of never-ending garden upkeep).

Last night I had another ‘grown up’ moment. When I was standing slicing carrots and red cabbage to be eaten raw in a salad.  (Strangely enough, also for the second time this month.)  Me!  The girl who never ate her vegetables as a child.  (Go ahead, ask Mum).  Who never cooked red cabbage til she moved to Denmark in 1998.  And who certainly never used it raw – in a salad – to be eaten by the family on a bog standard Monday night – until May 2011.  And here’s the rub…it was blinking lovely!

…Whatever next?!

Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂

Postscript: by complete co-incidence, I just found another post I wrote about me feeling like a grown up Just an old fashioned girl from May 2010.  Perhaps May is the month of contemplation?!

1 thought on “I’m all grown up”

  1. Ha ha.. yes I know what you are talking about.. 🙂 I am glad you dont feel old & frummpy! You are truelly and insparation! xxx

    My a ha moments is when my dd flushes the loo on me.. and I know.. yes I am a mother! Or when I am a bit obsesive in getting things clean.. jeezz that was not me.. i tell you..

    Lots of love



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