Pass the burnt toast!

A long, long time ago on the Fly Show (The Flylady‘s weekly internet radio show), there was a story about ‘a Mum who ate burnt toast’. I was puzzled at first. But it was basically another example of why Mums should remember to look after themselves. When you have kids, you always put the kids first. Their needs are Priority Number One. They get the best of everything. They’re first in the queue at feeding time – and that often means that Mum gets left with the burnt piece of toast! ;D

Well, that story has stuck in my mind ever since. Food for thought, you might say… Boom, boom!

We often go to Experimentarium (a fantastic hands on/all singing/all dancing/science playground in Copenhagen) and, more often than not, we have a treat in the café. Now, to be perfectly honest, I’m not an icecream freak (unless it’s high summer and the living is easy) so I usually opt for coffee and (carrot) cake (mmm). But Mr Ben + Mr Jerry have come up with something I can’t resist: peanut butter, vanilla icecream, cookie dough, lots n’ lots of lovely, thick dark chocolate and crumbled cookies. Wowza! 😀

Unbeknown to the rest of the family, I added one – just one – of these wondrous icecream bars to my weekly online grocery order and hid it deep in the depths of the freezer… Then one night between Christmas and New Year, I ran a huge bubble bath, got out my pamper basket, played an old episode of the Fly show, and relaxed in the bath…

Did I mention I remembered to lock the bathroom door? ;D

It. Was. Heavenly. And – honestly – I was such a sweet Mum afterwards… From now on, I shall definitely ‘pass’ on the burnt toast! 🙂

Have a marvellous Monday!

3 thoughts on “Pass the burnt toast!”

  1. Diane, always remember: If Momma ain't happy, nobody is happy!

    As someone who's childhood was full of an unhappy Mom, I can attest to this fact! Keep treating yourself!

  2. This might be the kick in the butt I need to get the girls to the Experimentarium. 😉 We haven't been since DD2 was just a few months old, and even then, she loved it. And now I know they have a Peanut Butter Cookie Dough delicacy from Ben and Jerry's?! lol

  3. Ms Caboo: thanks! I've often heard the "If Momma ain't.." saying from the Flylady!

    Hey Lorry! Experimentarium is great though v. expensive these days (around 140kr for an adult). We have 'årskort' because we live fairly close. Did you know they open until 9pm on Tuesdays and you can buy dinner? It's a great, very quiet time to go. Sometimes we've been the only ones in there. A bit spooky! LOL

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