These are a few of my favourite things (Danish bands)

It was “Spil Dansk” (Play Danish) day in Denmark last week. Which meant that the public radio stations played Danish music. All day. Only Danish music. The funny thing is that I didn’t even realise that they weren’t playing any ‘foreign’ artists because there’s just so much darn good Danish music around! 🙂

So you don’t know any Danish groups? Hmm. What about Aqua and their global hit “Barbie Girl”? Or are you trying to forget? 😉 Alphabeat, Safri Duo, Infernal and Junior Senior have all had success in the UK.

Here’s my personal top 10 of current Danish bands – in no particular order. Some sing in Danish, some sing in English and some do both. Yep, those crazy Danes are also rather clever:

  • Magtens Korridorer (my sweetie friend Rasmus and the boys, currently at the top of both the album and singles charts – go Rasmus!)
  • Spleen Utd (great name, never tire of them, give me more!)
  • Carpark North (big, clean rock)
  • Michael Simpson (dark and electronic, his mum hails from Grimsby)
  • Mew (classical sounding rock)
  • Veto (electronica, very particular ‘shouty’ voice)
  • Oh No Ono (the ‘hair bear bunch’ look and a bit wacky)
  • The Broken Beats (clean, catchy rock)
  • Sterling (more clean, catchy rock with a twist – saw them in a small concert venue and, mid-song, the lead singer jumped up on to the bar where I was standing – luckily none of my G&T was spilt in the process…)
  • Kashmir (the legendary David Bowie asked – and got – to work with them, the result was “The Cynic“…need I say more?)
  • When Saints Go Machine (from very disco to very down-in-the-dumps, their song Spitting Image was instrumental, if you forgive the pun, in getting me through my last 5k race)

Happy Friday! 🙂

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