Menu planning Thursday – 14 January 2010

Not going to beat around the bush…here it is! πŸ™‚


  • We’ve five extra kids coming for dinner tonight. It’s DS10 turn to ‘host’ the school ‘dinner group’. We take four kids (two boys, two girls) from his class home with us and they play together and then eat with us. Their parents turn up around 6.30pm and stay for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before they all go home. It’s a nice arrangement – allows the kids and grown ups to get to know each other better and, ultimately, helps keep bullying at bay πŸ™‚ If you want to read more about the social side of things at school, you can read a previous post on it here. Today we’ve also invited one of DD7’s friends to play and dine…the more the merrier! The kids will set the table and prepare the food themselves. Menu is chicken fajitas with lots of fresh salad/veggies, brownies and icecream for dessert.


  • Have invited friends for dinner. We’re going to watch”P3 Guld” show on Danish TV. It’s a music awards show and we’re hoping my sweetie friend Rasmus and his colleagues in Denmark’s finest rock band Magtens Korridorer are going to win! They’re nominated in two categories – best song and best live performance of the year. Cross your fingers and vote “P3 Guld Magtens” to #1212 πŸ˜‰ When we’re not holding our breath we’ll be eating smoked salmon, rucola and honey/dild mustard on my homemade foccacia bread. Then lamb steaks with twinkies salad and rΓΆsti potatoes and some kind of sauce. Before downing a yummy strawberry/marcipan cake from Lagkagehuset bakery (and, no doubt, squirty cream for extra effect).


  • Will be waking DH with flags and a song today…it’s his 43rd birthday – woo hoo! πŸ˜‰ Going out for lunch or dinner. Not sure yet. Will see how the land lies…


  • Haven’t made Blender Quiche in a while, so will do that with any leftover meat and veggies we have. I found the recipe on (one of my favourite food sites) and you can see the (easy peasy) recipe here.


  • Lasagne made in the crockpot. Love to use my crockpot on Mondays – because I always feel so tired by the afternoon! πŸ™‚ Eternally grateful to Krista at for having opened my eyes to the wonders of lasagne in a crock!


  • Scout night for both DD7 and DS10, they come and go at different times. So always something easy. Today it’s Danish suppe (meatball and dumpling soup). From a bag in the freezer. I just add chicken stock and carrots. And homemade bread from the breadmachine.


  • Didn’t make crockpot chili or breaded chops as planned last week (our plans changed – as they often do…) so think I will do the chili today. The minced beef is already browned and in a bag in the freezer. I just have to put it into the crock with the other ingredients. Simple!

Bon appΓ©tit and happy planning! πŸ™‚