Danish Weddings (Part One)

Yay, it’s wedding season! As my regular readers will know, I’m constantly amused and amazed by the quirky traditions of those crazy Danes. From hitting barrels with baseball bats to sending secret snowdrop letters, tradesmen removing their shoes and marcipan pigs… And Danish weddings are no exception – hooray!Danish wedding anno 1975 Now, unfortunately, statistics… Continue reading Danish Weddings (Part One)

Danish Big Prayer Day – what are you praying for?

Denmark will be closed this Friday (26 April 2013). Not that Danish schoolkids will actually notice any difference… After all, they’ve been at home from school – slowly turning into zombies - for over a month now due to the LockOut of the Danish school teachers! But I digress! What is happening on Friday? Well,… Continue reading Danish Big Prayer Day – what are you praying for?

Danish Teachers are (still) locked out!

The ‘LockOut’ of Danish Teachers continues…three weeks with no school! (Haven’t heard about it? Get up to speed with Time for School…but no teachers allowed! and LockOut of Danish Teachers…Child’s Play? ) At first we thought – selvfølgelig – that the LockOut would never happen – it was all just fighting talk. Then, it happened… Continue reading Danish Teachers are (still) locked out!

Forårskriller – Spring Tickles – Koldskål!

Not only has the sun finally made more than a fleeting appearance in Denmark this week – but it seems as though the grumpy old evening frost has gone for good and that temperatures are slowly but surely crawling their way up, woo hoo! Which, as usual, basically mean winter coats and gloves in the… Continue reading Forårskriller – Spring Tickles – Koldskål!

LockOut of Danish Teachers…Child’s Play?

Last time I told you about the LockOut of Danish teachers - and what the teachers have been up to, since they’re not allowed to come in to school to teach. But what about the students? Well, my kids have been in school for the official classes taught by the teachers’ who aren’t ‘locked out’.… Continue reading LockOut of Danish Teachers…Child’s Play?

Time for school…but no teachers allowed!

Yaaaaaaaaawn. It’s 8am Tuesday morning and my kids are still in bed. When they should really be sat behind their desks learning, amongst other things, the intricacies of the Danish comma! What’s up? Well, we’re now into the second week of the LockOut of Danish teachers. Local government want to change teachers’ working hours (well,… Continue reading Time for school…but no teachers allowed!

Danish Breakfast – Right to your (snowy) doorstep!

Have you seen what kind of weather we’ve been having in Denmark this past week? Snow and freezing temperatures. Not exactly springlike. And what did we wake up to on Wednesday morning – my daughter’s 11th birthday – yet more snow! The tradition here is to wake up the Birthday Girl/Boy in bed, whilst singing… Continue reading Danish Breakfast – Right to your (snowy) doorstep!

Gækkebreve – Secret Snowdrop Letters!

My kids are now on Easter break – which, this year, is threatening to turn into a very, very long break for some. Local government and the teachers’ union are at loggerheads and, if things aren’t resolved by Easter Monday, Danish schools will be operating a ‘lock out’: teachers will be turned away and will… Continue reading Gækkebreve – Secret Snowdrop Letters!

Fancy a Danish tart?

I can’t believe I’ve shared the delights of the Danish culinary heritage with you - stegt flæsk (fried belly pork), agurkesalat (cucumber salad), skibberlabskovs (Skipper Stew) to name but a few – without ever mentioning tarteletter!   One of the stalwarts at any self-respecting Dansk Frokost (Danish celebratory lunch).  The next big lunch on the… Continue reading Fancy a Danish tart?

Bendtner’s Boo Boo(s)

The Danish football player, Nicklas Bendtner, is all over the news/tv/radio/facebook/twitter. Again. For all the wrong reasons. Again, again! Okay, so in the past he might have shown the occasional flash of brilliance on grønsværen (the pitch) but these days he’s best known for his playboy lifestyle, bad-boy antics and high profile girlfriends. Plus a… Continue reading Bendtner’s Boo Boo(s)

What did you just call me?

The Danes are a pretty reserved bunch – they don’t raise their voices in public or wave their hands about when they’re speaking. A very well-mannered bunch. The exception to the rule being certain gymnasieelever (high school kids) who love to binge drink, fight amongst themselves and smash hotels – whether they are on winter… Continue reading What did you just call me?

Danish Heatwave is coming!

“Wow, have you seen the weather forecast? We’re in for a heatwave come Thursday!” That was the conversation I had with my vinterbadning (winterbathing) buddies this morning as, tugging our bathrobes tightly around us, we attempted to remove the last of the snow from the bathing bridge steps… [If you want to see what our… Continue reading Danish Heatwave is coming!

Bake your own Fastelavnsboller!

DS13 (dear son,aged 13) cycled home like lightning on Thursday – proffering homemade fastelavnsboller (Danish carnival buns) he had made in hjemkundskab (home economics class). [Want some background on Danish carnival? Check out my DIY Fastelavn! ] We made another batch of fastelavnsboller together this weekend. Check out these big beauties!Fastelavns boller - carnival buns!… Continue reading Bake your own Fastelavnsboller!