Danish Teachers are (still) locked out!

The ‘LockOut’ of Danish Teachers continues…three weeks with no school!
(Haven’t heard about it? Get up to speed with Time for School…but no teachers allowed! and LockOut of Danish Teachers…Child’s Play? )

At first we thought – selvfølgelig – that the LockOut would never
happen – it was all just fighting talk. Then, it happened – and we thought it
would blow over after a couple of days. We’ve now had three whole weeks of
it – will it ever end?!

I chummed my daughter over to school the other day. She had one lesson in
Maths, from 10.35 till 11.20 (her Maths teacher is a civil servant, one of
the hallowed few allowed in to teach during the dispute). I have to say that it
was all very eerie – the playground was a ghosttown and the numerous
‘fight-for-a-space’ bike parks were now empty!

Room for plenty more!

Room for plenty more!

But why all the coloured pennants? Did I miss a memo, was there a spring

Teachers LockOut continues

Teachers LockOut continues

On each pennant there’s the name of a child name and their class. 680
pennants. That’s one for each of the 680 students that go to our school. With
banners saying “Vi savner Jer ♥ ” (We miss you ♥). A hand-made
greeting for the students from their teachers. Teachers who still aren’t
allowed in, for the third week running.

Vi savner Jer - We miss you

Vi savner Jer – We miss you

So, will this LockOut ever
end? Well, rumour has it that the LockOut will be over next week. Because
we’re fast approaching the first of May – International Workers’ Day – a day held high, and
celebrated, by many Danes – not least our current socialist Danish Government.
A continuation of the LockOut would be terrible publicity. But, for me, all
bets are off. Just like the Danish summer, I’ll believe it when I see it! ;)

Have a fantastic school-free Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Diane :)