Danish Breakfast – Right to your (snowy) doorstep!

Have you seen what kind of weather we’ve been having in Denmark this past
week? Snow and freezing temperatures. Not exactly springlike. And what did we
wake up to on Wednesday morning – my daughter’s 11th birthday – yet more

The tradition here is to wake up the Birthday Girl/Boy in bed, whilst singing
a Danish birthday song and waving flags. Followed by a champion’s breakfast of
rundstykker [remember to cut them in half before you put them on the
table! Roll Up, Roll Up!], weinerbrød (Danish pastries) and
kakaomælk (chocolate milk).

Now this year I’ve discovered something brilliant…having breakfast delivered
right to your (snowy) doorstep! :D
You create a profile at ebager.dk(Greater Copenhagen and some other parts of the country are covered), place
your order before 10pm and, for a modest sum – kr. 25 – it will be delivered to
your door the next morning!

Our order arrived at 6.25am…

All ready for the Birthday Girl to tuck in to before she trudged off to
school in the snow…

Certainly beats getting your boots wet and standing in long queues at the

Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Diane :)

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  1. It feels like Spring will never arrive! Finally moderately warmer today, and glorious sunshine!

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