Fancy a Danish tart?

I can’t believe I’ve shared the delights of the Danish culinary heritage with you
stegt flæsk (fried belly pork), agurkesalat (cucumber salad), skibberlabskovs (Skipper Stew) to name but a few –
without ever mentioning tarteletter!   One of the stalwarts at any
self-respecting Dansk Frokost (Danish celebratory lunch).  The next big
lunch on the calendar being all those Easter get-togethers at the end of the
month.   So let’s get a move on!

The tartlet:   Buy a pack of ready-made tarteletter (puff pastry
cases) – they’re available from any Danish supermarket (and some petrol
stations).   There are cheap (thin and small) and expensive (large and thick)
varieties – I always go for the expensive ones because I ♥ my puff pastry to be
‘on the fat side’.   Remove them from their packaging and place them ‘bottoms
up’ on a baking tray. You heat them in an oven at 200c/400f for about 5
minutes.  Keep an eye on them – no burnt offerings, please.

Tarteletter - pastry cases and filling

Tarteletter – pastry cases and filling

The hot filling:  You can go two ways.   Make the filling yourself (my
preferred version) by making a basic white sauce and adding small pieces of
asparagus, shreds of cooked chicken, peas and carrots – whatever takes your
fancy.  Or you can buy filling in a tin – open the can, pour into a saucepan and
heat through.   By no means a gastronomical masterpiece, but good in a pinch.
You can always top with lots of parsley, to hide that it’s shop-bought ;)

Get them while they're hot!

Get them while they’re hot!

The finished article: serve hot on a tray and allow your guests to help
themselves. (On a side note: You can even buy special tartelet tongs
in the shops here – just the right shape for lifting them up. The perfect gift
for the man or woman who has everything?)   Enjoy with a nice cold beer…



Velbekomme!  Have a fantastic Friday and a
wonderful weekend!

Diane :)