Raindrops are falling on my head… Happy Tuesday from Copenhagen! Hygge Christmas Prep 2023, Flylady mission 12

Good morning from very wet Copenhagen where it’s going to be a very dark day – but I’m feeling fresh after my morning dip in my plunge pool! Did you remember to add a little hygge to your morning routine?

It’s Plan and Play day in Flylady land (but choose any day of the week that works for you) and Day 12 of our hygge Christmas planning reflects that theme. Today we’re chatting about food, travel and guests… But take a minute today to plan some fun for yourself and your family! If it’s planned, it is more likely to happen! My international ladies group here in Copenhagen (LINK Denmark) organises a great range of events for us all year round. Sports activities, guided tours, workshops, book clubs, etc, etc etc. Last week I took a mini wellness class in breathwork (lead by one of our LINK members who is a nurse)…

….and also went on a guided tour of UN City. So interesting to see the inside of this building which sits right on the Nordhavn harbour, one of the places I swim! Fun fact: their warehouse, UN City Campus 2, is the largest humanitarian warehouse in the world! Ideally situated – served by rail, road and sea.

A plan to make your week easier!

But back to our hygge Christmas planning! Grab a hot drink (or cold if you are in the Southern Hemisphere), open your notebook and pen and come for a hygge chat with me!

Tap below for today’s hygge Christmas planning mission!

Hygge Christmas planning

These missions are straightforward and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. A little bit each day, and you’ll have a calm and collected holiday season. You can find my check-off list here (a Canva template you can modify). But you don’t need a list to start: watch today’s video, move your bahookie and start! If you miss a day or two, don’t go back. Just keep moving forward! We will have Super Missions in December…

The Flylady has a FREE workbook which you can download for free here. I show you how to use it in this video…

Looking for recipes, crafts and more Christmas hygge planning? Here’s my FULL Christmas and seasonal series

Christmas and seasonal hygge!

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