Two minutes in romantic Verona! Home of Romeo and Juliet…

Have you ever visited Italy? What’s your favourite town or region? Here’s a mini YouTube video “postcard” from charming Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet (yes, the balcony…)!

We did a daytrip here from Lago di Garda (first time visiting this area) and were blown away by the architecture, yummy food and romantic vibes of this city! Can’t wait to return to Verona for a longer visit (would be a great destination for a long weekend )…when temperatures are cooler! 37c/88f is a just a litte out of my comfort zone… Watch below!

Romantic Verona, our Italy trip 2022
Appetisers at lunch!

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Denmark, hygge and travel

Whenever I’m on holiday I keep up with my daily routines. And I find myself “swishing and swiping” bathrooms at the airport, restaurants, etc! LOL!

Example of a Good Morning Routine!

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Have a wonderful day!

LLAP! Hugs!