This week’s menu plan! 29 October 2023

What’s for dinner?

Hello from Copenhagen on this very wet Sunday, where the clocks went back last night! The last few week’s rather miserable weather has made me turn to all things hygge, including baking! (Read on for my easy peasy Swedish Housewife’s Cake – yum!) Do you plan your meals ahead? I don’t really enjoy it but – oh, the relief of having it sorted out is great! No more stress at dinner time – I create a basic plan then decide on the day what we are going to eat (our plans often change). Once a week will be leftovers, a simple “clean out the fridge” quiche or omelette. And when it needs to be really fast, rye bread with various toppings (that’s what we usually eat for lunch in Denmark). We also plan the occasional takeaway or evening out. My motto? Keep it simple, Sweetie!

But without further ado, here’s what we ate at Casa Copenhagen last week!

Simple sticky Chicken with rice and veggies (a quick stir fry with lots of Thai dark soy sauce, garlic and ginger added to the chicken)

Ox cheek stew (a cheap cut of meat that works really well when pressurecooked or slow-cooked) based on my Mum’s Scottish Beef Stew recipe. I mix everything in my Instant Pot (ox cheeks, a tin of tomatoes, herbs, chopped carrots and onion, some stock) and put whole, baby potatoes on a trivet on the top. Cook at full pressure for 30 minutes. Delicious and easy! Tap below to see how I make my Mum’s Stew – works best with cheap cuts of beef!

Danish pork sausages with homemade mashed potato and pickled red cabbage

Massaman curry (chicken and potatoes) with rice. We use the Mae Ploy brand of Thai curry paste and you can see the recipe here on YouTube

Danish madder (ryebread with toppings) on a night when I was heading out to a committee meeting

Swedish Panbiff (panfried patties) with scalloped potatoes and fried veggies.

Beef Carpaccio with parmesan, mustard mayo, homemade fries (normal for hubby, sweet potato for me) and salad

And if you’re looking for a very Scandinavian cake, a sweet treat with just a few ingredients that you probably have in your pantry, here it is… My Swedish Houswife’s cake. So simple and so good!

Tap on the photo below to see how I make it…

Baking with Diane in Denmark!

That’s it for this week’s menu plan! Remember to clear up the kitchen as soon as you finish eating dinner (don’t go wandering off) and complete your Evening Routine. Keep it hygge, or should that be uhygge?! (Uhygge is the Danish word for creepy or scary – the opposite of hygge)

Velbekomme (“bon appΓ©tit”) and have a wonderful day!

LLAP! Hugs!


PS: Want more of my easy recipes and crafts? Tap below for my full YouTube series…

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