Are the nights drawing in for you too? Time to bring on the cozy vibes!

When the nights draw in, we turn up the hygge to the max! We put our clocks back last night here in Denmark, so now it’s pitch black by 5pm in the evening. And – though my heart sinks a little with the darkness – I’m actually looking forward to all cozy, dark evenings ahead: with friends, a book, reading in my cozy nook in the living room! And let’s not forget our routines…

Hygge your Evening Routine!

How do you add a little hygge to your Routines? Been a busy couple of weeks but my daily Routines and self-care ALWAYS keep me afloat. I don’t always want to do my Routines, I just have to get them DONE.

Have you made yourself a hygge nook or hygge basket? See how simple it is here… Five minutes to a Scandinavian home!

Have a fantastic evening and keep it hygge out there!


Diane in Denmark

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