Menu plan – Thursday 22 November 2012

Well, I can’t complain that it’s freezing here in Denmark (as it usually is in November) but it’s so dreich (cloudy and wet) that it feels like it’s dark all day long.  Boo!  Thankfully I can make my own ‘sunshine’ – in the guise of reading good crime novels, seeing friends for a cup of tea, turning my stereo up to 11 and basically just enjoying the fact that I’m not yet shovelling snow three times a day…thank goodness for small mercies! ;D

Here’s this week’s menu at Casa Copenhagen:

*  ‘Medister’ sausage (a Danish ’round’ sausage – see how I cook it here) with potatoes, carrots and lots of lovely gravy

Medister sausage – last time I served it with red cabbage/carrot slaw

*  Quiche (a premade pastry case which I shall fill with cheddar cheese, eggs beaten with crème fraîche, herbs and top with bacon) with a mixed green salad and pickled beetroot

*  Svenskpølsegryde or Hurdy Gurdy Swedish Sausage Stew served with bulgur.  A family favourite which we overdosed on, so it was banished to the back of my memory.  Now ready for a rerun!  My recipe is right here.

*  Swedish meatballs with wholemeal pasta in a tomato/vegetable sauce

*  Stir fried lamb with rosemary and garlic, served with baked potato wedges and roasted vegetables (parsnip/beetroot/carrot)

*  Out to dinner with friends and then to a concert with Denmark’s number one rockband (a sweetie friend of mine is one of the guitarists) – Magtens Korridorer!

*  A whole chicken, done in the crockpot with salad.  And hoping that DS12 might make some fresh tagliatelle pasta for us!

That’s it for this week…  Bon appétit!

Diane :o)