Mystery 15-minute Declutter, Flylady Zone 3! My Hygge Home

No more overwhelm, we are tackling our clutter 15 minutes at a time! Get ready to join me for a fun mystery declutter! We are back in Flylady Zone 3 this week (the bathroom plus one other room). I’ve chosen the basement and am working on craft items…most of which I will probably never use again! I will be your timer today and chat along the way. Let’s go!

I have free printables and Flylady Zone ideas for cleaning, working in the garden and self-care here on my blog

Remember to add in some daily pamper time! The self-care by zone list and my “bingo card” are here. I also like to add hygge to the Zones…a fresh bloom or candle.

And if you want more time for me to “clean with you”, I have a whole playlist of short videos where you can see me decluttering and cleaning in each of the Flylady Zones

If you are new to the Flylady system, or want to dive a little deeper and tweak your Routines, I have lots of tips and advice on my Flylady Refresher Course. Remember, we are doing this together!

Have a fantastic day! Rah, rah, rah!