Menu plan – 16 March 2021

Happy Tuesday from sunny Copenhagen where I’m wearing blue to match the blue sky! It’s “Plan and Play” in Flylady Land and I’m checking what’s ahead in my calendar and making my menu plan. Here’s what we’re eating this week at Casa Copenhagen!

  • spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread and a side salad
  • we were going to have the easy “stir and bake” courgette/zucchini tart last week but ended up making something else instead. So it’s back on the menu for this week and my son is making it, woo hoo! The recipe and YouTube video is here
  • my daughter’s birthday this week (she turns 19!) – so she gets to choose something special
  • my hubby’s special lasagne and salad
  • a hearty salade nicoise
  • a Thai noodle dish (which we will make with pork tenderloin) – Pad See Ew
  • one day of the week for us is usually leftovers, a frittata/quiche made with any veggies which need using up, risotto or Danish smørrebrød (rye bread open sandwiches with various toppings), or we might get a takeaway
  • my Mum’s Scottish stew, made in my Instant Pot – so simple and good. Recipe is below!

Remember to K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, Sweetie! And don’t forget to clean up as you go along, and “close” the kitchen when you have finished eating dinner…

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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