Flødeboller! What's not to love?

Whenever my DSBB (Dear Scottish Big Brother) comes to visit, he [cough] very kindly provides us with a list of things he’ll “need” when he’s here.  Beer, beer and (more) beer – ha!  But, okay, aside from lots of Danish øl, number one on the list is always flødeboller.  Now, to be honest, I’m not sure what he enjoys most: eating the dang things or misprouncing them… 😉 Closest in English would probably be ‘flew-the-ball-r’.

But, as usual, I digress!  What are flødeboller?  Small or large, (normally) dark chocolate domes, filled with a marshmallowy cream and a wafer base.  If you’re very, very lucky, they’ll have a marcipan base.  Yummity yum!

You can buy cheap and cheerful flødeboller at the supermarket. They come in packs of 6 or 12.  Usually half are ‘plain’ and half are topped with dessicated coconut.  (A word of warning: the coconut ends up everywhere and makes a right mess…)

The cheap and cheerful packs are very handy.  Especially because it’s a Danish tradition to hand them out at school when it’s your fødselsdag (birthday). And, with perhaps 27 classmates, it can be pretty expensive [typed the Canny Scot].  My son’s old Maths teacher was often late and – if he turned up late for class three times in a row – he gave flødeboller to the kids as compensation.  Another tradition at the school is – if the teacher calls a pupil by the wrong name three times in a row – he has to give the pupil a pack of flødeboller.  Nice one! 🙂

At the other end of the scale, you have the luxury (ergo, expensive) handmade flødeboller.  Using the finest dark chocolate and exotic flavourings.  Yep, flødeboller are very much in fashion.  A few years ago everybody was on a cupcake decorating course.  Now everyone is learning how to make their own flødeboller…  I bought some jordbær (strawberry) flavoured ones at the supermarked this morning and will be doing a taste test tonight with the family 🙂

But, for Pete’s sake, did they have to start adding the dreaded lakrids (liquorice) – the (Danish) Root of All Evil– to our flødeboller?  Is nothing sacred? 😛

Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful long weekend.  Yep, Denmark is closed again on Monday because of Pinse (Whitsun Pentecost) – and the weather forecast is hot and sunny!  What’s not to love?

Diane 🙂



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