Let’s make the most of the weekend!

The weekend is on the horizon…are you ready to make the most of it? Do you want to relax? Or get productive and work on a project. Perhaps a bit of both? Whether you work outside the home or inside the home, it’s important to clear your head/desk and switch off! Do a “brain dump” and make a note of any outstanding tasks. Then put them out of your head until Monday!

I love Fridays!

But make sure to keep doing your daily Routines (the basics). Remind yourself of “why” you do your Routines…because not doing them brings back overwhelm and chaos! When you do your Routines, it means that things are under control, you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day guilt free. When we are aimlessly pottering around without a plan, the weekend slips through our fingers. If you want to work on projects, make sure you are set up for success. Set an alarm so you don’t sleep in and lose half of your day. Have your clothes (for painting, gardening, etc) set up the night before so you can hit the ground running in the morning. Can you make up a packed lunch and put it in the fridge? You’ll be more productive when you take breaks to eat and drink. Think ahead and plan what you will eat for dinner – put something in the slowcooker or order a takeway. Set yourself up for success!

Flylady Daily focus

And today is Friday – woo hoo! I follow the Flylady’s daily focus…. Tidy your car/fill up with petrol. (In Denmark we use our bikes as our main mode of transport, so I check my bike basket and that my bike lights are working.) Spend a few minutes tidying out your handbag or sports bag, kids backpacks, etc, so that they are clean and ready for next week. Check the baby’s pram, stroller and changing bag. What’s hiding in my handbag? I recharge my phone headset, put in clean masks and fill up my mini hand sanitizer bottles. I remove any receipts, obvious junk and snotty hankies! Friday is also Date Night in Flylady Land. Well, obviously we’re all staying home as everything is closed here due to the Lockdown in Copenhagen. But I always make up a family snack basket – see the video below for the story behind it, and what I put it it!

Today I’m making up an extra basket…a birthday basket for my daughter who turns 19 tomorrow!

Birthday basket for the birthday girl!

Enjoy your Friday! Do a wee bit of prep and then make the most of your weekend!

Down at the beach for my skinny dip this morning…snow flurries then glorious sunshine!