Menu plan – 4 August 2020

First up, here’s my mini video from Instagram this morning where I talk about the Flylady focus for Tuesday and my menu planning…

From my Instagram TV this morning

Menu planning is simply a framework. Do you need an easy meal for an evening that you are heading out to an activity? Do you want to make a more complicated dish at the weekend, when you have a little more time? Who is going to be home for dinner each day? Are you going to cook a double batch and freeze one? Don’t worry if your plans change and you end up making something different. I jot down a rough menu and we often decide on the day what we are going to cook. The aim is to have food in the house and a basic plan, so we are not stressing every day. So what’s for dinner at Casa Copenhagen? Read on, Macduff! If I don’t specify otherwise, we usually have a salad or a platter of raw fresh vegetables (cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, cauliflower florets, etc) on the side of all our dinners.

  • Nasi goreng (fried rice with veggies, sauce and topped with a fried egg)
  • simple penne pasta with onion, pieces of salsiccia Italian sausage, tomatoes, basil and cream
  • Coronation Chicken Salad (a 5 minute wonder, so easy and tasty – my video is here) using some leftover chicken from the freezer
  • Bao buns with pulled pork (made in my Instant Pot on the slow cooker setting), red onion, coriander and salad
  • Panang curry with cauliflower and tofu (made in my Instant Pot), served with rice (using the “pot in pot” method in the Instant Pot)
  • one day of the week is usually leftovers, a frittata/quiche made with any veggies which need used up, or Danish smΓΈrrebrΓΈd (ryebread open sandwiches with various toppings)
  • my son is making Thai Larb salad for us yet again (yes, we absolutely love it – so fresh and zingy!) with pork and mango and extra noodles to pad it out a bit

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday! And remember to K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

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