Other people’s clutter…

In honour of Anti-Procrastination Wednesday, here’s a little story with a happy ending!  Wednesdays in Flylady land are those days when you give yourself a gentle kick in the pants, do something which you’ve been putting off for days/months/weeks and just go ahead and do it.  With – of course – oodles of peace of mind to follow! πŸ˜€

One (Anti-Procrastination) Wednesday morning I got home from the school and had finally had Enough.  [Insert steam coming out of my ears here.]  I was tired of this sight.  An old, battered, rusty, falling-apart-at-the-seams car that had been parked right outside our house.  And hadn’t moved an inch…for 11 months!

Now you see it…

So that morning I contacted our local police who, miracle of miracles, gave me the name and address of the owner.  DH phoned the owner.  Who confirmed what we thought all along…  That the car had broken down and was supposed to be scrapped – but they just hadn’t got round to finding the paperwork etc, etc.   Ha!  Someone else who could do with the Flylady programme in their life! ;D

The owner promised to have the car removed.  And I made a note in my diary to ring him again within three weeks – just in case!

Two weeks later I came out to find the car being towed away.  Hooray!  And guess which weekday it was?  Ha!  Wednesday!  ;D

Now you don’t!

(Apart from the outline it left in the tarmac…)

Hope you have a wonderful Anti-Procrastination Wednesday! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Other people’s clutter…”

  1. Do you think you can get my next door neighbors to get the old bathtub out of their back yard? πŸ™‚

  2. Tell you what, Ms. Caboo, how about I come and bathe in your neighbours' 'outdoors tub'…would make a change from my daily skinny dip in the Danish sea? Maybe that would force them into action… ;D

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