Menu plan – Thursday 26 April 2012

Here’s what we’re eating at Casa Copenhagen this week:

*  Chicken and roast vegetables (potato, celeriac, carrot and thyme) all done in the oven together, æbleskiver for dessert (the last bag of DH’s homemade Danish donuts from the freezer…roll on Christmas!)

*  big fat pork sausages with sweet chili/ketchup/honey sauce (just mix equal quantities and heat through) and a ramsløg salad (the new ‘trendy’ Danish vegetable, a wild leaf that tastes slightly like onion/garlic and can be used raw or cooked)

*  leftover meat and vegetables jazzed up and served in some kind of rice dish

Skipperlabskovs or ‘The Skipper’s Stew” (another traditional Danish dish, a bit like our Scottish stovies) – will try making it in the crockpot – served with beetroot, ryebread and, most important of all, beer! 🙂

*  Springtime pasta salad – wholemeal pasta with fresh peas, cucumber, carrots, red pepper, basil and tuna

Drinking cider on our hols in France

Chops in apple cider/mustard/cream sauce with fresh spinach and bulgur wheat (made in my beloved ricecooker)

DS12 using the ricecooker to make scrambled eggs – click here to see him in action… 🙂

*  And one of DH’s favourites, another Danish classic…Medister (yes, yes, more sausages, yum!) with hot red cabbage, gravy and new potatoes

Bon appétit!

Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂