1 thought on “I don’t want to…waaaaah! (Wednesday)”

  1. Anit-Procrastination Wednesday! Well, I did two things yesterday which took little to zero time. Bah. Why wait so long??? Why do we do these things to ourselves? I had a large flat box of seeds that needed to be SCATTERED and so I took them outside and did that – less than a minute. And I had a box of extra seeds I've been meaning to share w/folks at church…so, I took 2 secs and wrote FREE on the side of the box and sent it off w/Hubs & sons to Bible Study last night. Big spot freed up on my gardening work table. Why had I procrastinated???? No good reason that I can figure other than I knew they wouldn't take very long. Isn't that silly???? They've been sitting there for months taking up valuable real estate and nagging at me each time I walked by – multiple times a day. Take THAT A.P.W. beat you to the punch and gotcha done yesterday. Go ME!!! And go YOU, Diane, for getting party ready early!!!! WOOT. Lift a glass for me when your dear family gets in town and you're at ease ready to enjoy your guests! Ohhhh, yes, while I watched you do this put-away I was busy going through the bag of receipts on my desk…inch by inch, day by day it's going from a hoarder's bag stuffed to overflowing to now being no bigger than a small clutch. YEAH!!! Only a couple more daily sessions and she'll be done! Have a great day Diane! ~~K.D., off to do banking & pay bills in cloudy and damp Cherokee Nation, OK.

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