Welcome to Danish autumn! More candles coming right up!

Welcome to Danish autumn! We officially started a couple of days ago (1 September) but autumn has been making its presence felt for a couple of weeks. And it’s the usual story…first thing in the morning there is heavy dew on the grass outside and condensation on the windows inside. When I cycle down for my sea swim it’s so c-c-cold on the bike ride that I’m already wearing my woolly scarf. But I have managed to resist the urge (at least so far…) to break out my woolly gloves and hat 😉


Sea temperature is beginning to fall slightly – around 15 degrees (59f).



But then – selvfølgelig – by the time we reach the afternoon, it’s all change and full steam ahead for the thermometer. The sun is shining from a cloudless, beautiful, blue sky and you start peeling off all the layers you put on a few hours earlier, swap your socks and shoes for some strappy sandals and then head down to the coast (like everyone else it seems) in an effort to cool off. Yes, you know you’re in Denmark when it can prove difficult to find a parking space…for your bike!


My friends and I were lamenting the end of Danish summer but trying to console ourselves with the thought off all that cosy, autumn Danish hygge that lies ahead. The apple cakes, the hot chocolate, the walks in the deer forest to gather chestnuts, the flickering candles. And then we stopped short. Because, um, well we actually light candles all year round. Even in high summer. Here I am in a restaurant with my son last week. Candles lit in the windows. Candles lit outside on the street. It was 25c (77f) that day!



Those are my sunglasses in front of the candle on the table. Sunglasses and candles. Welcome to Denmark!



Yes, yes, my friends and I said to ourselves. We’re looking forward to Danish autumn and lighting even more candles!

Now where did I put those matches?

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Diane 🙂

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Danish autumn! More candles coming right up!”

  1. Love reading your blog, and absolutely LOVE autumn. So this was a fun post for me, however only 2 of you photos are loading:( I've tried a couple of different browsers, and none of them work. Look forward to seeing your pictures if you can get them posted.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Brenda! <3 I've reloaded the photos so crossing fingers… Thanks for your lovely comment!

  3. Photos are there now…yay!:) I really enjoy reading about and seeing your pics of every day Denmark.

  4. Hello Diane ! What a lovely post:) the pics are beautiful,I to, light candles all year around.Here in Ohio it seems we are stuck in the 90 degree(f) mark and the heat will not let up!!! winterbathing sounds pretty darn good right now (I think)lol.Just finished a book on the Danish concept of hygge and can't wait for the cooler season to set in!! Thank You again for such a fantastic post:)

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