1 thought on “Flylady Diane – Zone 1, Entry/hall/dining room (May 2017)”

  1. Hey Diane, Good Morning to you!! Okay, as I said I am going to go forward from the Routine Challenge by doing my Evening Routine for the next seven days while continuing my Morning Routine as well. So, reporting in, Monday and Tuesday included both routines and were all done! YEAH ME!!! These evening routines are one place I often tire out before getting done and fall in bed. Again, I made a small post-it flag for each day of the week with the question on it "Evening Routine Done? Day 1-7" w/each day listed on one. So it rather looks like "ERD? Mon 1" and then I check it off and move it from one side of my computer to the other when I'm done. Consistency, Consistency, How I wanna know you! Anyway, have a lovely day Diane! ~~K.D., from drippy raining in moderately overcast Cherokee Nation, OK.

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