1 thought on “Flylady Routines – The Seven Day Challenge! Day Two!”

  1. Osiyo (Hello in Cherokee) Diane – Got my routine challenge stuff done early this a.m. as I had anti-procrastination stuff to do in town. Had my mother-in-law's wedding set affixed together, resized and all points checked and repaired at the jewelers. Left it last Wed., picked it up this Wed.! Pricey, but worth it. Yes, on routines we do forget easily – I've been Flying for YEARS. I even stopped and ticked off w/my fingers before I left the bedroom so I didn't forget anything …laundry started, bed made, clothes on, swish & swipe done. Check!!! Uhhhh, I went back in the bathroom about 15 minutes later and looked in the mirror and realized I had no makeup on. I need to LITERALLY check the written list IN DETAIL! 🙂 Got that makeup done before going into town so I didn't scare the jeweler too badly. Okay, favorite movie OAT (Of All Time)is the classic Dr. Zhivago. More currently one I watch frequently when I need a woman's POV (point of view) is Under the Tuscan Sun. Favorite scents…in perfume, Shalimar and Cinnabar for winter wear, in spring & summer it's Aqua Di Gio or however you spell the women's version (smells like clean water) …in food, I find Clove hard to beat, so I go around spraying Thieves Essential Oil blend all around the house, in the atomizer, on the bedsheets and have even used it as a perfume in a pinch. Lots of people ask me what I'm wearing when I do that. A second fav that's from nature would be Lily of the Valley. Thanks for asking! ~~K.D. from rainy, cloudy Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma.

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