My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar – 5 December

Welcome back to My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar!  Join me every day in opening a new door.  Just like last year, I’ve got a host of goodies to share with you – traditional Danish Christmas recipes, traditions, songs, games, decorations, crafts and landscapes…  So sit back, relax and enjoy!


There’s a hefty storm a brewin’ in Denmark today – going to hit us in Copenhagen this afternoon and will blow for the whole evening.  Bringing with it sleet and snow…  So we’re being advised to batten down the hatches and stay indoors.  So how about getting cosy and enjoying some homemade konfekt? Which is the Danish word for little sweets – usually involving copious amounts of marcipan, Danish nougat (a very soft brown fudge, not to be confused with French white nougat or Spanish túrron) and chocolate.  Hooray! ;)  You’ll typically see konfekt served at Christmas, as party food or at the end of a meal instead of dessert.  Here’s what we enjoyed in front of the telly last night, watching the day’s instalment of the children’s tv Christmas calendar…

Start with a pack of marcipan (at least 250g), a large bar of chocolate (200g) and whatever else you have on hand: dried apricots, dates, Smarties or M+Ms, tiny marshmallows, icing sugar, edible gold, food colouring and tiny paper cases…

Enlist the help of some little elves.  Though keep your eye on them because they eat rather copious amounts of marcipan etc while they work…

 And then just let your imagination run riot.

If you want to be more creative, just ‘google’ pictures of konfekt. You can do nougat-filled-yule-logs, coconut balls, boozy flavoured marcipan etc, etc, etc…  (If you’re a Danish marcipan freak like me, then you must try making a fabulous Danish cake – Mazarinkage.  My recipe for that is right here.)  But this is our family-favourite-five-minute-konfekt.  The hardest part?  Waiting it for the chocolate to dry! 😉 


Storm or no storm, hope you have a fantastic evening.  And don’t forget to check back here tomorrow when we open the next door!

Diane 🙂


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  1. Hi! I live in the US and LOVE learning about other people and countries. I'm so happy to come across this blog and will read it daily! Thank you for taking the time to share.

  2. Thanks! Storm is still blowing here Friday morning and causing traffic chaos but normal service should be resumed by tonight 🙂

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