No more half-baked excuses – Farewell Old Friend!

We’ve had 15 really good years together. In fact, now that I come to think of it, maybe as many as 17 or 18? But last week I had had enough and it was time to face facts. Things just weren’t working out for us anymore… Oh yes, I tried to patch things up. A good rubdown and a few delicate sprays of WD40. But the result was still the same. Sunken in the middle, half-mixed and a patchy, white bottom…

I’ve been in denial for the last month. ‘Old faithful’ was tired. Had worked hard for me for years and was slowly grinding down. Or not grinding at all! 🙁 My old friend…the Panasonic Bread Bakery. Not a fancy machine. Just Bake and Timer. The Rapid programme took 3 hours. No viewing window. But repeatedly ‘best in test’. Purchased in Edinburgh, spent most of it’s life in Luxembourg and now destined for the recycling centre in Copenhagen. Farewell Old Friend…

And say Hello to my new friend, the Tefal Home Bread machine. Complete with all the mod cons we expect in 2010. A viewing window. 12 different programmes. Anyone for homemade pasta or jam? Don’t like a soft crust? No problem, you can have it as dark as you like. Heck, we can even rebake day-old bread in it. And this machine does b–i–g loaves. Or small. It’s your choice. You want your bread right now? Okay, pressing the start button…

…and here it is, 1 hour and 17 minutes later.

I’m glad to say my new Tefal is noisy – just as noisy as my old Panasonic. The Tefal actually got a bad review because of the noise it makes..but I like that! Because I have fond memories of my good friend M coming to stay with us in Luxembourg. DH and I had a small appartment. I was doing my ‘perfect hostess’ routine and had preprogrammed both the coffeemaker and the breadmachine. I ask you – is there anything better than waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning to the smell of fresh bread and coffee? I served breakfast and M had trouble looking us in the eye. He heard the banging noise during the early hours and thought it was DH and me – tee hee!

Have a fabulous foodie Friday! 🙂

PS: If you’re looking for a foolproof breadmachine recipe, I posted one last August. It’s right here.

3 thoughts on “No more half-baked excuses – Farewell Old Friend!”

  1. How funny about M's mistaken thoughts! What a coincidence you're posting this today. I'm planning on doing some dough in my machine today to make some "Three Bears Bread" (bread shaped like bears in three sizes) for a fun activity when DS 5 is home from school.

  2. Mmmmmmmmm!!

    I've never had luck with a breadmaker, but I'm also a cheapskate 🙂 and lack counterspace. Someday– SOMEDAY will have a nicer kitchen with at least SPACE for a breadmaker! Will let you test out yours for awhile, and then see if I can track down the US version 🙂

    Sorry for your loss of "Old Faithful!!"

  3. Amy: saw your pics of the bread on FB…cute!

    Lee: can you smell something…milk loaf just about to come out of the machine! ;D


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