Danish Musical Therapy

It’s been one of those weeks, but finally Friday is here – can we have an ‘Amen’?  So I’m using some Danish musical therapy to eeeeeeeease me in to the weekend…

First of all, I’m going to chill tothe young Danish band Julias Moon – “Bay”.

Then will turn up the heat slightly and get in to dance mode with (Denmark’s answer to Justin Timberlake?) Christopher “Told you so”

And then I’ll be in fine fettle and ready for the home straight with an oldie (but very goodie!) from Folkets Rockband(“The Danish People’s Rockband”), Magtens Korridorer.  Here you have “A er på druk” (which roughly translates as “‘A’ is out on the town/out boozing”) – together with a quirky home video of what they get up to on tour…


Don’t forget to turn the music up to 11… Og skål!

Diane 🙂