Copenhagen Kitchen – week 1

From now on my Monday musings will be dedicated to progress on our new kitchen. Today, of course, I’ll mainly be concentrating on the the lack thereof… 😉

This kitchen remodel is going to be a true test of my Flylady routines. Been listening to Marla a.k.a. The Flylady on (archive available) and been reading her e-mails for years (you can subscribe for free at, so a lot of good things have sunk in 🙂

The main thing I have learned along the way — and which has helped me through other remodels of the house, family bereavements, and general taking-what-life-throws-at-you — is to keep going! As long as you keep following your routines as best you can, you’ll be making progress. Gives you something to cling to, or hang on to for dear life! 😉

For instance…last night I had a lovely bubble bath complete with candles, glass of wine, chocolates and a book. Went to bed super early and got up a bit earlier this morning, so I could get the DKs to school 5 minutes earlier than usual. Had already set out the breakfast things last night, after dinner, because our makeshift kitchen is in the basement, and it’ll take the DKs a few days to get used to the new setup 🙂

The first of the builders (electrician) turned up at 8am. He set to work. I did too. Mondays are the day I do my cleaning or WHB (see earlier post for description). I just carried on regardless, though I, of course, had to stop from time to time to help move appliances and discuss some practical stuff. The boss of the firm also popped in, and the plumber also arrived to disconnect water and gas connections. But I just carried on the best I could and tried not to get sidetracked. Heck, I even managed to put the minced beef I managed to brown (at 7.55am, just after I took the DKs to school) in the crockpot together with a jar of good tomato sauce, so dinner is already under control 🙂

What would I have been like today without Flylady? Hmm, first of all, I would have been very cranky (having still been up after midnight, moving stuff down to the basement), irritated over the mess in the house (yet sitting on my backside doing nothing), racking my brains on where to take the family out for dinner (never mind what I was going to put in the DKs lunchboxes the next day), completely overwhelmed, would forget to eat lunch, or anything for that matter, and (as I said to Candace on twitter yesterday) probably cowering in a corner with a bottle of blue gin! 😉

Anyway, builders have finished for the day, I’ve just had my afternoon nap, been drinking my water and eating regular meals today (from my ‘field kitchen’) and I’ve just enjoyed a brownie (Krista’s recipe) which we had the forethought to bake yesterday – the last chance we had to use our big oven…

So things aren’t perfect. But they’re pretty darn good!

Tune in next Monday for the next update or follow the fun on 🙂

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