Down the Garden Path (Week Five)

It’s been a very wet week.  Which means that I’ve had a fantastic excuse to be terribly lazy in the garden and have done almost no’wt apart from ‘lawnmothering’ (mowing the lawn) since last week!

Seedlings still need to be put into bigger pots or into the ground.  But we’ll no doubt get round to it soon because Danish schools are on holiday Thursday and Friday due to Kristi Himmelfart (Christ’s Heaven Flight) or Ascension, as it’s boringly called in English… ;D  So we’ve got a looooong weekend ahead!

The garden is really blooming now.  Here are my ‘loo-brush’ flowers – these purple ones are about 50 centimetres tall…

and the mini pink ‘loo-brushes’ which are about 10-15 centimetres tall.

Peonies (we have a large bed of them) are just beginning to pop open…huge red pom-poms!

I have to say that one of my favourite summer flowers are sweet peas.  I discovered that you can buy perennial ones (i.e. you plant the seeds and they keep coming back) which is absolutely magic.  The only drawback is that they don’t have any scent…  But, until I get more organised, I’m quite happy to watch these ones come up year after year.  Just be careful where you plant them though…  I planted a few seeds next to a wall at random, thinking I could move them later.  No joy – those roots were not moving!  So be careful where you put them…

The cherry tree (which we planted when DS11 was just a babe in arms) is now covered in cherries and we’re hoping for a good crop if those pesky birds don’t get there first…  Last year we came back from holiday to find that they had polished the whole lot off.

Here’s hoping for a more productive week…  At least we’re now in for a dry spell and the sun is going to be shining, so maybe I should go make some hay? ;D

Have a marvelous Monday! 🙂

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