Menu plan – Thursday 5 May 2011

If you saw Tuesday’s post App-iness, you’ll know that I’ve been playing about with a new cookbook app for my smartphone.  So there are lots of new recipes to try on this week’s menu at Casa Copenhagen:

Cold weather hotpot which I shall make in my (beloved) crockpot

Penne with sausage and fennel don’t worry about the name, you use fennel seeds and not the real, yucky, stuff! ;D

Ryebread with liverpaté, bacon and mushrooms –

hopefully the kids won’t bother with the beer and snaps…

Madder (Danish cold, open sandwiches) on the day I’m at a parents’ meeting at school (from 5 to 7pm).  The kids can easily make themselves this type of dinner without setting the house on fire – or, more to the point, this will stop me from sitting at the meeting thinking that they’re setting the house on fire… ;D

Summer in winter chicken with rice made in my ricecooker

*  Roast lamb, baby potatoes, stir-fried savoy cabbage and tomato salad

Springtime pasta (tortellini, broadbeans and ricotta)

*  And a ‘leftover’ night – which can always be made more exciting by the addition of some homemade ‘Set your (Flylady) timer muffins’ (which take, you guessed it, less than 15 minutes to put together 🙂

Bon appétit!  Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂

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