Two sharps are better than one

I was at my weekly piano lesson this morning and had another breakthrough.  Not only am I playing moozical toons in C, F and G major (one ‘sharp’ note indicated by the little # at the beginning of the music)…we’ve now moved on to D major which has two #!  Woo hoo! ;D


Which means that I now have two black notes (F# and C#) for both left hand and right hand that I have to watch out for…  They’re rather pesky and – at the moment – I’m still writing them in by hand.  Because otherwise I forget.  Until I play them, incorrectly, that is.  When the dischord is worse than nails on a blackboard.  (By the way, you write # and b before the note – not afterwards.  Another fun musical fact I learned this morning.)  But maybe a couple of weeks down the line I’ll also have all that wrapped up?

Well, the only way forward is the usual…lots of daily practice – 15 minutes at a time.  And one of my new piano pieces is called “Bare for Sjov” (Just for fun).  Um, yes, the people who write these ‘beginner piano books’ have a very droll sense of humour…

I’m off to tinkle my little ivories.

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! 🙂