Join the Garden Party (Week Two)

I can’t believe four weeks have already passed since I started working on the garden.  This year I wanted to get a head start and came up with a list that I was going to attack one baby step at a time – Flylady style.  (My complete to-do list is here Down the Garden Path).

Last time I posted it was still chilly outside so I was working on jobs like cleaning the deck – see Join the Garden Party (Week One).  Since then, I’ve given the lawn it’s first and second mowing – or ‘lawnmothering’ as I like to call it! πŸ˜€

DD9 has planted a few seeds, using the cheat’s version from Ikea…  We’re hoping to see lots of sweet peas, evening sunflowers and bog standard sunflowers popping their little heads up in the very near future.  And hopefully we should be able to plant them out in the garden by the end of this month.

The sun and heat made a sudden return to Denmark two weeks ago.  Meaning there was also a sudden return of weeds along our fence on the pavement – eek!  But one 15 minute session with a little trowel and a pair of purple gardening gloves and – voilΓ  – we’re already looking better!

We have three of these green wheelie bins for garden refuse.

The council empties them once a fortnight.

And after all that hard work, I finally got my ‘reward’.  A 15 minute stint with my favourite weapon of choice…my gas-driven weed burner.  Yeargh! ;D

What’s next? Hmm, tune in next week for an update…  And if it’s lovely and sunny where you are, why don’t you relax outside and enjoy your efforts with one of these?

The ‘recipe’ is here

Bottoms up!

Have a marvelous Monday! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Join the Garden Party (Week Two)”

  1. OMG I WANT A WEEDBURNER! I've never seen one of those before.

    Where have you been lately?? Your twitter followers are restless πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Lee! πŸ˜€

    That was a picture of my mini weed-burner. I also have the 'Big Bad Momma' version which runs off a huge tank of gas…but you need to drag it around the garden on a trolley, so it's not so 'handy'.

    Hoping to make a return to twitter very soon. Missed you all! (All well here: got sidetracked by New York, builders, Easter and lots of invitations…yay!)


  3. You can also get a special pavement weeder–for example at Bauhaus (in Denmark). It is on a long broom handle with a sharp point and you just drag it along the joins in the pavement.

    This has two advantages over the weed burner: it kills weeds better (you would be astonished at how quickly many weeds recover from burning because the root system is left intact) and it is better for the environment (the gas that weed burners use is a fossil fuel and it is relatively expensive–i.e. uses lots of resources)

    Little Mermaid
    MΓΈn, Denmark

  4. Hi Little Mermaid!

    I do indeed have one of those 'weed extractors' and use it… But for sheer entertainment I allow myself to occasionally get out the gas burner ;D

    Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

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