Scaredy Cat Challenge – Get Packing!

To be perfectly honest, I’ve done abominably badly with my personal Scaredy Cat Challenge this week. My goal is to get ready for our summer holiday in France long before ‘the night before’. But this week has been hectic with my birthday celebrations, DH being away for six whole days and a whole barrage of end-of-term activities at school. Hmmmph. I have, however, managed to pick up a few surprises for the kids backpacks (see my We’re all going on a summer holiday! post for details of that) and I’ve been coralling old undies/socks/pjs (see the same blogpost for the gory details on those!).

Anyway, I refuse to get overwhelmed. There are still lots of days left and therefore lots of opportunities to set my Flylady timer for 15 minutes (or, for Pete’s sake, 5) and just go and do something – even if it is just writing the luggage labels for our suitcases πŸ˜‰

I started writing today’s blogpost at 9am this morning (while waiting for the kids to surface for breakfast…) and have already added a few items to this week’s online grocery list (waterproof plasters, shower cream, small drink cartons for the journey, etc). Started putting together a pile of things we need for the (three different) mobilehomes we’ll be staying in (toilet roll, kitchen roll, washing up liquid, small bars of soap, old teatowels/handtowels, mini salt n’pepper, couple of stockcubes, coffee/coffeefilters etc). So where there’s a will (and a Flylady timer) there’s a way! πŸ˜‰

Is there something you want to do but are having trouble starting? Or, tee-hee – like me – finishing? Then link up with us (MckLinky at the bottom of this post) and let’s hold hands and be scared together!

Have a simply super Sunday! πŸ™‚

PS: This is my last Scaredy Cat Challenge post

for the time being as the blog

will be closed for the month of July.

3 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat Challenge – Get Packing!”

  1. You can do this!

    I've piggybacked my emergency preparedness with getting our motorhome ready for the summer.

    You are right about the will and the way…I'm the list maker and sometimes get caught up in that instead of DOING! I've kept myself on task and have done much better this year.

    We will be ready!

  2. Love holidays, but hate the packing! I get the cases down with good intentions, then get overwhelmed with what to bring. DH on the other hand can pack his suitcase in about 20 mins flat, never over thinks what to bring. That might be because I think for whole family, I think I'll bring this cream in case someone needs it, headache tablets etc you know all that stuff they always end up asking for. I'm sure all mums do that. Anyway, hope you a wonderful holiday and get through plenty of books….. and wine of course!!

  3. Jen: snap! I often get caught up making lists…now I just use Flylady's one and add to it! πŸ™‚

    Em: you would think we were going to a developing country with all the stuff we take, wouldn't you?! LOL But it's nice to be prepared! πŸ˜‰

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