Tee-hee Tuesday! S V F X

I mentioned Asfora in Sunday’s post (we’ve been out doing virtual weeding in the garden together) and I’m going to mention her again today. You see, we seem to have the same sense of humour. We tweeted together yesterday about food and I asked her “Do you have any eggs in the fridge?” to which she replied “S V F X” (Yes, Ve Have Eggs) which is a famous British comedy sketch by The Two Ronnies. A series I watched – and loved – as a child all through the 70s and 80s.

The Two Ronnies trademark were their glasses…here are two pairs of mine!

Now you all know what happens next, right? Yes…off to youtube I skip and I had such a lovely time trawling through old clips from the television series 😉

Here are three sketches I want to share with you for a good old Tee-hee Tuesday.

First, the S V F X eggs one…

This is a true classic – Mastermind – I rememember it so clearly! The contestant’s chosen subject is “Answering the question before last”…

For sheer comic timing and the fact that Ronnie Corbett is so cute when he speaks to himself in the mirror

But there are so many more I could mention. Enjoy!

Hope you have a terrific Tee-hee Tuesday! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tee-hee Tuesday! S V F X”

  1. I watched the eggs video. It took me a little bit to catch on and by the time I did it was the end and he quit using the letters. Made me laugh, thanks for starting me day with a laugh.

  2. Wow thanks for mentioning me again! We should start a "mutual appreciation society" cos you are on mine again today too! LOL :o)
    I just answered the phone to my husband with "L.O." He called me crazy!

  3. These links always get me into trouble! You tube sucks me in and I don't escape for a long time;) I have my Flylady timer set and now I'm off for a laugh. Thanks!

  4. Fork handles (or is that four candles?) was my favourite…

  5. I think that, like Jen says, I should set my flylady timer next time I go visit youtube! Though the flylady does encourage us to laugh every day, doesn't she..? ;D

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