Christmas Planning – Monday 19 November 2012

Hi and welcome back to Christmas Planning!  I’m following the (fan-flipping-tastic) Flylady and her Cruising Through the Holidays missions.  Why?  By jingo, to ensure that I’m going to be ready, rested and ‘raring to go’ come 1 December!

One bag ready for the charity shop!

I set myself a mission last week to declutte my Xmas linens and decorations.  Thirty minutes later I had a whole bag of rubbish – things that had lost their Christmas sparkle or we’re broken (like a hairband with reindeer antlers, one of which had snapped in half!).  I even took a deep breath and threw away some of the kids’ homemade decorations.  Don’t worry – I’ve still got plenty left!  ;o)  During the declutter session I also found lots of containers that we can use for our homemade gifts.  Yay, no need to buy any more – money saved!

I also ended up with a large pile of decorations, tablecloths and serviettes that we can use in our SwedishSummerhouseByTheSea.  And last, but not least, there were two large bags for charity.  DS12 and I delivered them to the charity shop on Saturday morning and – before we could even get out the door – the ladies were “oohing” and “aaahing” over our ‘treasures’ and started decorating the shop!  A great ‘feel good’ moment…

Our local charity shop…now complete with inflatable plastic Xmas trees and Santas!

The envelopes for the Christmas cards are addressed (have been doing 5 a day –Flyladyorders!) and DD10 is going to put the stamps/charity stamps on them this week.  I still haven’t ordered the photo Christmas cards yet…not because I haven’t had time but because we’re still waiting for the school photographer to send us the latest snaps of the kids…  Aaaargh!   ;D

I forgot to mention last week that one of the key points in Christmas Planning (and generally in the Flylady system) is to pace yourself.  And be nice to yourself.  So, whenever you get overwhelmed or don’t know which job to start next, you have to take a break.  With “a cup of something warm and wonderful”.   Fifteen minutes later and we are ready for action! šŸ˜€

Time for a cuppa!

And what do I need to concentrate on this week?  Gifts!   Buying.  And helping the kids to make them.  Oh well, at least all the gifts we already have are wrapped and tagged.  Go us!Check back next Monday when we are into the final run!

Diane šŸ™‚