Scaredy Cat Challenge – The Flylady is Nearly Here! :)

We’re now officially ‘Moving in May’ around the world with the Flylady so it won’t be long before she gets to Copenhagen – hooray!

My Scaredy Cat Challenge last week (read all about it here) was to spend (at least) 15 minutes in the garden every day in preparation for the Flylady’s visit. Started the week by weeding the pavement the length of our (very long) garden fence. Here’s a ‘before’ pic. Lots of dandelions and long straggly weeds. If I don’t keep this pavement clear, dog owners tend to ’empty’ their pooches bowels here!

And here’s the after photo. No place to hide dog poo! 🙂

Took me three 15 minute sessions (did I mention we have a very long fence?) but I ended up with two large buckets of weeds!

On Tuesday it threatened rain. Now I can tell you that, in my pre-flying days, I would have just stayed indoors. But I set my timer for 5 minutes and thought, okay, I can make a start on the weeds beside the woodshed until the rain comes on…

And – you can guess what’s coming – [insert some spooky, paranormal music here] I managed to fit in a whole 15 minute session before the heavens opened. I didn’t quite finish but, hey, progress not perfection! 😉

I decided on Friday morning that, to do a good job, you need the proper equipment. So I tossed all my old (holey) gardening gloves in the bin…

…and splurged (tee hee, they cost 10 Danish kroner each, about £1 or $2) on three new pairs – two of which are Flylady purple!

So I’ll be gardening in style from now on… Would you like to hold hands – with or without gardening gloves – and join in the Scaredy Cat Challenge? It can be anything you like. Something you want to do but are nervous about starting? Then sign up below and let the fun begin!

Have a super Sunday! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat Challenge – The Flylady is Nearly Here! :)”

  1. Top effort! You have inspired me to get my patio weeding done now! Thanks to your de-cluttering challenge last week, I managed to get a lot of my shelves de-cluttered so going to try and keep them that way! Nice gloves! 😀

  2. That is a long fence! Looks nice!

    I love using my timers to start and finish projects. Seems to make the workload less daunting when you know there is an end in so many minutes!

    My weeds aren't growing yet so I have a bit of time before I have to pull out the gloves. Possible snow flurries today…

  3. Hi girls! Glad you've been inspired…if you have any spare time you could jet over here and give me a hand? Just for 15minutes, of course… ;D

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