Tee-hee Tuesday! Laugh long and prosper?

Ready for another ‘tee-hee Tuesday’?

The kids and I have been really getting into Star Trek recently. We’ve been die hard Star Wars fans for years, as you’ll know from my previous posts Say what, Darth? and Kitchen Essentials. But, as Danish TV were showing a whole season of Star Trek films on Saturday nights, we started watching them and got hooked. Yes, Star Trek is crummy. Yes, the special effects in the old films are trashy. Yes, the plot can be written in two lines or less. Yes, the terminology is all gobbledygook – something I never thought about as a child. But that’s why it’s so good, right? Almost a parody of itself. So imagine our joy when we found a copy of the new Star Trek film at our local library. I enjoyed it immensely, the kids less so. They didn’t think it was as good as the old films…

When I came across an Onion news story with the headline “Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film as ‘Fun, Watchable'”, I just had to take a peek. Thanks, again, to my school pal, Terry, for pointing me in the direction of http://www.theonion.com/  He sent me some Onion links in March (I put them in Feel Good Friday) and I haven’t looked back – or away from the computer – since! 😉

OK, before I digress, here’s the Onion link… http://www.theonion.com/video/trekkies-bash-new-star-trek-film-as-fun-watchable,14333/

And here’s Captain Kirk’s legendary fight with a Gorn. Warning: this is from the 1960s and is baaaaad!


Last – but not least – I couldn’t post about Star Trek without making you watch Eddie Izzard’s absolutely magnificent piece which sums up Star Trek in a nutshell. The sound quality is pretty rubbish but watch out for the “Bones, Jim, Spock!” part…


By the way, for the trekkies amongst you, ‘Mr Spock’ is on http://www.twitter.com/ You can find him at http://twitter.com/TheRealNimoy I’m already following him and, yes, yes, yes, he signs most of his tweets with ‘llap’! 😛

Have a terrif tee-hee Tuesday…boldly going where no man has gone before? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tee-hee Tuesday! Laugh long and prosper?”

  1. Isn't Star Trek the poor man's version of Star Wars? Kidding! Shatner rocks in his badness! I loved the new Trek movie with the story of Spock( I had a thing for his ears back in the day). And Scotty's character was too funny! Can your kids do the Vulcan salute? DS just about manage it without closing one eye!

    p.s. Eddie's coming to our province soon and DH's trying to get some time off so we can attend. If he can't go, I'm seriously considering going alone.

  2. Oh yes, I loved Spock in the new film too! [blushes] And yes, we can ALL do the salute 😉

    You must try and see Eddie Izzard. You won't be disappointed…very clever and the biblical stuff always has me in stitches!

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