Run for your life

As of friend of mine’s Dad used to always say: It’s a great day for the race…the human race! πŸ™‚

I’m also hoping it’s going to be a great day for the race tomorrow, Sunday, my second go at a 5k. Did my first official one back in May with a group of friends (the ‘Charlottenlund Running Chicks’) in a time of 36 minutes. Tomorrow I’m doing it solo.

It’s Saturday afternoon, just coming up for 4 o’clock and I’m pinning my bib number on to my t-shirt and fixing the chip on to my running shoe. Mixed feelings in my tummy. Excited to get out there tomorrow with my specially put-together running playlist of songs – and scared as hell because I always get a feeling 5 minutes into every running session of ‘I can’t do this’!

But I’ve trained for it (thanks to Jonathan Roche, NEWO, Flylady, and of course, my Danish running buddy-mummies, Helene and Vibeke), have done it before and know that I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and let the music pull me along.

Here are my weapons of choice:

  • When Saints Go Machine “Spitting Image”
  • Agnes “Release Me”
  • David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland “When Love Takes Over”
  • The Presets “I Go Hard, I Go Home”
  • De’Lacy “Hideaway” (track is 11 minutes long, very hypnotic!)
  • Magtens Korridorer “Vesterbro”
  • When Saints Go Machine “Spitting Image”
  • RΓΆyksopp “The Girl and the Robot”

When I come out of the De’Lacey track (which is very hypnotic and is over 11 minutes long), I’m hopefully on the home straight. If I can finish the race while Magtens Korridorer (my sweetie Danish friend Rasmus and his band) are still playing, I’ve achieved my goal. And if I’m still running while the last two songs are playing, I’m just going to relax into the run and enjoy the music πŸ˜‰

Update tomorrow!


Tough race! Felt a bit down around the 2 to 3 km posts, but kept walking/running. Started to get my hopes up when I saw the 4km post in the distance, and I was still listening to the De’Lacey song… Then came Magtens Korridorer, we were back from the seafront and in to the park again, people were clapping and I decided to give it all I could. Saw DH, DD7 and DS9 waving and jumping just before the Finish Line, so ran as fast as my little, jelly legs could carry me! LOL

Final time? 30.25 (whole 6 minutes faster than my first 5k) Yeehaw!!!