Scaredy Cat Challenge – 14 February 2010 (Get on Yer Bike!)

So I didn’t succeed with last week’s challenge of cycling to the Next Town. Not for lack of trying. Nor for lack of forward planning. I prepared my bike the day before – had to dig it out first of all…

Rrefilled my NEWO water bottle (after defrosting it) so I wouldn’t run out of steam while on my merry way πŸ™‚

‘Tidied’ out my front wicker basket to make room for any possible pamper purchases that I might make ‘en route’…

But in the end I was defeated because of all this slippery stuff.

There may, however, be a thaw on the horizon. So keep your fingers crossed, your cycle helmets on and check in again next Sunday! And while you’re waiting, please go check out Candace who is making great progress with her own Scaredy Cat Challenge! πŸ™‚

Want to hold hands and be scared with us? Add yourself with the McLinky below!

Have a simply super Sunday πŸ™‚