Pamper Monday – Oh la la!

While I was queuing at the chemist the other day, I had a rummage in one of those dangerous little baskets where they have ‘end of the range’ bargains.

There was a dinky little set of three nailvarnish pots…a French manicure set. Spurred on by my recent Scaredy Cat Challenge success of submitting my feet to the half-heaven/half-torture of a pedicure, I’ve decided to start giving my fingernails a bit of extra TLC.

So on Thursday night I ran a lovely bubblebath (Lush bathbomb), armed myself with a glass of wine and a bag of Maltesers and had a good old soak while listening live to the FLYshow (Flylady’s call-in show).

Then gave myself a short pedicure and manicure and finished off with ‘French nails’. A little stripe of white along the top of the nail, a coat of very pale pink, then a clear top coat. Voilà!

Climbed into bed and slept like a bébé… 🙂

Hope you all have a marvelously manicured Monday! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Pamper Monday – Oh la la!”

  1. You're inspiring me to pay attention to my nails this evening. Off to find some good hand cream…

  2. Ah Diane I love when you talk like that (LOL!) "While I was queuing at the chemist the other day" so proper…you mean in line at the drug store? Love it girl!

    Funny you should mention polish and nails. Guess what? YOU inspired me. I did it bought new polish (varnish as you'd say) and painted my toe nails on Sunday. They are dazzling I might add!Makes me smile when I see them.

    Love your posts!

  3. Hi girls! 'Go us' for looking after ourselves! 🙂
    Really helps me to get through this never-ending winter…when the spring *finally* comes I'll be prepared! LOL

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