Join the Garden Party (29 May 2012)

Oh ye, oh ye, oh ye!  Time for a final update on gardening the Flylady way before the blog closes for the summer!   And – yes, yes – I know I normally write my gardening posts on Mondays, but – again, again – Denmark has had a long holiday weekend.  This time for Whit Monday.:)

Last week (I hope) you saw how flamingly well I was doing attacking the dandelions on our lawn.   It all went swimmingly over the weekend and then, of course, I crashed and burned.   Now, in my head I knew that this is a major job and – like painting the Forth Road Bridge – one that never ends.   But I spent the first couple of days doing nothing.   Nada.   Gah!   So the only way forward (like with the house) is babysteps.   I decided to cut myself some slack and start small.   To make a commitment to take out 10 dandelions a day.   Every day.   Ten dandelions isn’t exactly many.   But, let’s face it, anything is better than zero.   And Flybabies will understand that, once you get started, it’s never that bad and you want to keep going!  ;o)   So I’m back on track and enjoying chipping away at the project.

I’m also proud to announce that I’m finished weeding all the paths/patio areas in the garden – woo hoo!  So now I just need to keep them looking that way…  How about a Before and After pic to celebrate?  Here’s how our barbecue area looked on Saturday morning…

Weeds galore – eek!

And here it is again, spruced up and ready to grrrrrrrill!

Fighting weeds the Flylady way…15 minutes at a time!

As the weather is so fabulous right now, I’ve resolved to do the ‘lawnmothering’ every 5 days (or as near as…) and have written it in my diary, just to make sure I get it done.   If it’s in the diary, it will happen, right?!

The rain finally arrived this morning –

which is just as well, really, because the grass is parched!

So all in all the garden is looking blooming lovely (go me!) and given the blooms on the cherry tree, it looks like we’re set for a bumper crop…

As I said, this is my last garden post before the summer holidays.  But don’t think I won’t be out in the garden every day (or at least every other day) with my essential tools – ‘Flylady purple’ gardening gloves, dandelion remover, brush, weedkiller and trusty folding headphones! πŸ™‚

Hope you had a marvelous Monday and wishing you a terrific Tuesday! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Join the Garden Party (29 May 2012)”

  1. Diane have a wonderful summer! Mine will be full of gardening and mowing. Not so much fun mowing. Yuck.

  2. Thanks, girls! Hope it's a scorcher for all of us! πŸ™‚

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