Baby it’s cold outside

I did my first run of the year this morning. Temperature was -1c (31f). Don’t know what the windchill was but I can tell you that I did try and keep my mouth closed as much as possible, to stop the back of my throat burning! πŸ˜‰

I usually run with friends. Twice a week with my darling buddies, V and H. Come rain or shine. Here they are…back in December when the weather was just a bit soggy πŸ™‚

Except extreme snow, like we had last week. But when there’s too much snow or ice on the ground to be able to run safely we still head for the park – we just get all bundled up and go for a brisk walk instead.

After the schoolrun this morning, I felt I needed to get out and run. Haven’t run since before the family arrived at Christmas. Now, here’s the thing. I usually start Mondays with a WHB (Flylady’s fast weekly house clean) but knew that a run would actually be a good way of pampering myself. And, no, I am not a masochist! πŸ˜‰ Needed to clear my head and shake off that lazy leftover holiday feeling.

So I got my running gear on (ski underwear underneath), running shoes, gloves, hat, iPhone, folding earphones (thank you DH for that wonderful Christmas present!) and buff (thank you DD7 for letting me borrow it). Drank some water, ate a banana. And headed out the door.

When I’m running solo, I use the for iPhone. It’s a really nice little application (inexpensive too), which takes you from the ‘couch’ to running a ‘5k’ in 8 weeks. You can add your own personal playlist of music. Which is a kicker for me, because that’s the only reason I go out running alone – to hear loud music! πŸ™‚

You could actually use it for other types of interval workouts as well. No need to run if you don’t want to!

I just pick a session at random and let the voice guide me. To give you an example…

Week 5, Day 1.

  • Warm Up, walk quickly (5 mins)
  • Run (5 mins)
  • Walk (3 mins)
  • Run (5 mins)
  • Walk (3 mins)
  • Run (5 mins)
  • Cooldown, walk (5 mins)

You can get voice alerts when you have 2, then 1 minutes left to run (I’m using that to do a sprint for the last minute). And when you’re halfway through the workout (means you can just head out the door, turn around at ‘halftime’ and run back home!). And when you’re starting the last running session (nice to know you’re almost done!).

And Jonathan (NEWO) Roche was right. Again! [see yesterday’s post I’m in stitches!]. The person who started and finished the workout were two very different people… πŸ˜‰ If you’re lacking motivation, go listen to him. You can listen here.

Have a fantastic Monday! πŸ™‚