I’m in stitches! – 10 January 2010

Right. I had to come up with a new blog idea for my Sunday posts as Christmas is o.v.e.r! 😉

I sat down at my sewing machine today to do a couple of minor jobs. And immediately felt ‘guilty’ because I saw a sewing pattern sitting there…unused. It’s a pattern for an apron – and a very jaunty one at that. I can’t physically prepare any food in the kitchen without putting on my pinny (honest truth), so I thought I deserved at least to have a chic one. This one fits the bill perfectly. But I have to make it myself! 🙂

I’ve been putting it off for weeks. I clearly remember getting the pattern in the post all the way from the U S of A at the beginning of December and mentioning in the BlogTalk chat for Missus Smarty Pants show that I was hoping to make one for a Christmas present… Oopsie! Too scared to start it. What if I cut it out wrong? It’s going to take so long. Maybe I should buy some new material because there’s nothing in the two boxes of stuff that I already have that is ‘right’ 🙂 The measurements are in ‘American’ – yards and inches – eek! I don’t have the time. I don’t actually know how to sew ‘properly’. Etc, etc, etc. And then Jonathan (NEWO) Roche’s voice popped into my head. Like it does on many occasions. That is, when it can get a word in edgeways from the Flylady‘s voice! 😉

“When have you ever accomplished something great without being scared?” [or words to that effect] Wise words. The words that got me started with running. So I’m going to jump in with both feet and get sewing. Using a pattern. And the blog will be my Witness (one of the many reasons I love writing it). Bet you can’t wait til next Sunday?!

If you’d like to jump in with me and start something you’ve been putting off – whether it be sewing, learning a language, starting to exercise – leave a comment and let me know. Because can hold hands and be scared together! 😉

Have a fantastically fearless Sunday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “I’m in stitches! – 10 January 2010”

  1. Oooh, a CHALLENGE! I just got a pattern for transforming a men's shirt into a girl's smock dress. Maybe I'll start with that 😀

  2. Hi Pippa and Candace! Glad to have some mighty fine company for this one!

    The new title for my Sunday posts is "Scaredy Cat Challenge" 🙂

    Would you like me to link up to your blogs?

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