Christmas Planning – 20 December 2009

We made it! We’re finished! And there’s still 4 days until Christmas (or 5 days if you start your celebrations on the 25th). I know I’ve done the Flylady ‘Cruising for the Holidays’ missions and used her Holiday Control Journal before, but this year things have going swimmingly. Can you believe that my family in Scotland are coming here tomorrow – to stay for 10 days – and today I even had the time to take the kids for an afternoon at Experimentarium (the science museum/playground) where we had a nice lunch and made some presents at their special Santa’s workshop? Neither can I. Changed days! 😉

All the Christmas presents are wrapped and labelled. The pantry is (more than) stocked and I’ve placed an online order for groceries to be delivered on the evening of 23 December. I’ve worked out a rough menu plan for the next 10 days and have alternatives.

Yesterday we went to buy the tree and once DH put the star on the very top (I couldn’t reach) we put the lights on as fast as we could – it didn’t have to be perfect! 😉 Then DD7 and DS9 were allowed to dive into the box of decorations and finish it all on their own…

Tomorrow morning I’ll do a quick clean (Flyady’s WHB or Weekly Home Blessing) with the help of the kids and we’re ready for them! As you can see, DD7 has already put one present under the tree – something she made at the After School Club and it’s for ME! 🙂

Thanks to Candace, Pippa and Krista for letting me (and you!) in on their Christmas planning fun. Cheers to the four of us!

So all that’s left for me to say is “Merry Christmas” and have an absolutely angelic Advent Sunday! 🙂