Menu planning Thursday – 19 November 2009

If you’re new to this blog and wondering why I’m not doing the whole “Menu planning Monday” blog thing, it’s because making my menu plan midweek works SO much better for me. For a start, me knowing what’s for dinner for the weekend coming up is such a comfort for me! 🙂 I order my groceries online and have them delivered Wednesday or Thursday, so the fresh produce is really fresh for the weekend. By Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, I’m using up leftovers and what’s left in the fridge – which suits me fine, as DH isn’t always home for dinner on weekdays. Used to get annoyed if I had planned a ‘nice’ dinner on weekdays, only to find out at 4, 5 or 6pm that he wasn’t actually coming home… 😉 So all the really ‘good’ meals are planned for the weekend.


  • we had a change of plan yesterday (DS9 has the flu) and had spaghetti bolognese (pasta with meatsauce). Today I’ve mixed the two lots of leftovers, added celery and red pepper, put bacon on the top and lots of cheese/breadcrumbs and will put it in the oven. So it doesn’t look too much like yesterday’s leftovers…


  • DH is away so the kids and I will have…drumroll, please…pizza again! With spinach salad.


  • out to dinner chez some friends – hooray! I know what we’re getting, too. Roast lamb – my fave and DH’s favourite meat – double hooray!


  • christening my new oven by making a h-u-g-e batch of stegt flæsk (strips of pork belly oven baked until they are really, really crunchy) with baby potatoes, parsley sauce and cauliflower. A Danish classic.


  • have been enjoying doing things in my crockpot on Mondays (makes me feel SO organised at the start of the new week) so doing a mild pork curry with rice done, you guessed it, in the rice cooker 🙂


  • As usual, both kids are out to Scouts, at different times of the evening. Going to make chicken fajitas with lots of fresh veggies.


  • Oksekød i fad (literally, beef in a bowl) which is a weird Danish version of Cottage Pie. DH has only ever cooked for me a couple of times and this was one of them…stay tuned for the recipe! 😉