Windy Wednesday

I’m writing this at 8pm on Wednesday and it’s pitch black, wet and very windy here in Copenhagen. The weather forecasters have predicted hurricane force winds and parts of Denmark have already lost power. But, to be honest, I really don’t need the weathermen. And why on earth, when it’s blowing a gale, are they reporting from outside – wind howling into the microphone for extra dramatic effect – instead of a nice, warm studio?

No, I don’t need the weathermen because I have my very own barometer. Garden furniture. I can see for myself that the garden furniture in front of the house (one small table and two chairs) has blown over into the flower border. So it’s fiendishly windy tonight. And before you think it, yes, I had actually already moved the furniture to a more secluded spot when I got gust (ho, ho!) of the bad weather.

Anyway, all this reminds me of those kitsch barometers that you see in Scottish tourist shops…you know the type, surely? A stick which says on it:

  • if this stick is wet, it’s raining
  • if this stick is hot, it’s sunny
  • if this stick is white, it’s snowing
  • if this stick is frozen, it’s cold
  • if you can’t see this stick, it’s foggy
  • if this stick is moving, it’s windy

Maybe they should add, “if this stick has disappeared, there’s a hurricane”

Goodnight all! 🙂