Cat that got the cream

I’m feeling like the cat that got the cream today. (Slightly pushed along by the fact that there is S.U.N. in Copenhagen today.) I got DD7’s Christmas present yesterday. She has just a few small wishes this year (I know, imagine that!) but we were at a loss as to the ‘main’ present.

At the beginning of this week, I got an e-mail from the Flylady with links to how to make simple gift bags on youtube and the net. She sent it out to help us ‘crafty’ flybabies get rid of our clutter = all those bits of fabric that we hang on to and never get round to using. I showed the idea to DD7 and she was off and running! 🙂 These are the first bags she made, all on her own. Don’t know who was more proud. [insert ‘Mum tear’ here]

She was allowed to use my sewing machine, a Janome (Memory Craft 4800QC) to make the gift bags. But as I have a very swanky, high tech, computerised machine [insert ‘expensive’ here], she is only allowed to use it under strict supervision.

So when I was in town yesterday, looking for more Christmas fabric (yes, I know, I’m supposed to be using up what I have, not buying more…), I ended up in the sewing shop. They didn’t have any children’s sewing machines but showed me a basic Singer. At which point my eyes probably glossed over, because that’s the make of machine Mum had. Heck, didn’t everyone have a Singer back in ‘the old days’?

Had a lovely chat with the two ladies in the shop and, low and behold, they offered to sell me the demo model for basically half the price! Complete with box and guarantee! 🙂 So I’m feeling like a child at Christmas myself now. Going to see if I can also find a small workbox for DD7. Don’t all nice, young ladies have a workbox…just like in regency, romance novels? And I know that Ikea have a great, cheap starter set (sewing scissors, thread, etc).

So I’m the cat that got the cream and hoping that DS9 won’t let the cat out of the bag before Christmas… 😉

Happy Friday!