Pizza Shut

We had pizza last night. Seems like half of Copenhagen had the same thought because three other girls from DD7’s class were ‘oooing’ and ‘aaaing’ about getting it for dinner, and we overheard other families when we were down at (science playground) talking about it too.

I made ours with half white flour, half spelt flour – yep, trying to keep it fairly healthy. Kids don’t notice it at all and, if I’m completely honest, neither do I.

It got me thinking about my favourite pizzas from Pizza Hut… It’s one of the first chain restaurants I can remember, besides Macdonalds and the Wimpy. Just like Macdonalds, you know that, even if the menu changes over the years, the food still tastes the same. Heavy, cosy, very little real nutritional value and, of course, perfect comfort food! πŸ™‚

I’ve taken the DKs there a few times. Once in Edinburgh, when visiting the Scottish annex of the family and three or four times in Copenhagen. Needless to say, they loved it. Not so much the pizzas – they just remember the ‘all you can eat’ icecream buffet and the kiddies gifts.

We decided one rainy afternoon in March to go and have an early dinner there. DH wasn’t coming home that night, it had been a busy week, and I was cutting myself some slack. Imagine our dismay on discovering that – horror of horrors – Pizza Hut had closed down! Not just that, but all the Danish branches of Pizza Hut had closed. Just weren’t getting the business!

So here I am, left with mixed feelings. Pining for that comfort food. But proud of the Danes for voting with their feet and their stomachs.

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  1. When you come to the States to visit (hint hint) you'll have to try one of our latest pizza faves: take-n-bake pizza! One particular chain specializes in pizzas made up in front of you on a special pan that you then take home & bake in your own oven. Restaurant style pizza without the delivery!

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