Tee-hee Tuesday! Banana, anyone?

When we were walking to school last week, DD8 said she had a good joke for me. She started telling it and – lo and behold – it was one I told her last year (one my big brother told me). I’d forgotten all about it and it made me laugh out loud at the ungodly hour of 7.45am. No mean feat! The joke made it to the blog back on 23 August but I think that it’s worthy of a re-airing. Hope you think so too! πŸ˜›

* * * * *

A lady got on the number 185 bus with her baby and asked for a ticket to NΓΈrreport (centre of Copenhagen).

“Certainly”, said the busdriver. “But, my word, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!”

The lady was shocked and didn’t know what to reply, so headed straight for the back of the bus and sat down next to a kindly-looking old man.

“Well, I’ve never been so insulted in all my life!”, she said. “That bus driver should be sacked!”

“That’s terrible!”, the old man replied. “I tell you what, why don’t you go and give him a piece of your mind while I hold your monkey?”

* * * * *

Boom boom! ;D

Monkeys courtesy of DD8, bedding by Ikea ;D

Have a thoroughly thrilling tee-hee Tuesday! πŸ™‚